Tuesday, March 4, 2008


It's been 9 days since I last flew (my solo) and unless I figure out some way of fitting one in before then, I don't know if I'll get a chance to fly again until the 22nd. That's way too long to wait, especially after something as exciting as soloing. I may try to leave work a little early once a week (starting next week) to do some flying lessons after work - the hour-forward jump this weekend may be useful after all! Other than that possibility though, I'm not sure.

Next weekend will be my last skiing of the season. Sad for my skiing-side, happy for my flying side. That will clear up a lot of time for flying. But then again, that's still a while off, and I want to fly NOW! (I know, I sound like a spoiled kid.) I guess I'm just going to have to see how much sunlight the extra hour gives, and hopefully go from there. Until I can figure out a solid solution, it's just a guessing and waiting game...

Can't wait to go up again. Will keep you posted when I do again.