Thursday, July 24, 2008

Rain Rain Rain

Just a short update. This week I was really hoping to have three lessons: the nights of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (today). Tuesday and Wednesday were both cancelled due to weather (rain, fog, etc.) and today's even worse. For now, Chris and I are playing it by ear. Hopefully this weekend will open up, since I really need to get some cross-countries and night flight done, and will be staying in town for a change.

On a side note, Chris told me he got locked in the airport bathroom last night. With no way out and no way to contact anyone for help, he BROKE THROUGH THE WALL to get to the other bathroom. So now there's a Chris-sized hole between the men's and women's bathrooms in the hanger. Poor guy was stuck in there for 90 minutes with no sense of time, no windows and no help. It's a good thing he's got the attitude he does.

Anyway, I'll make another post when I find out about the next lesson. Here's hoping to rain goes away...

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Walter said...

Sounds great, keep it going!