Friday, May 30, 2008

Still Grounded

Weather's been GREAT this past week! Seriously - blue skies, calm winds, sunny and warm. So of course, this is the time that the 152 needs a new engine. Bummer.

To anyone afraid of flying: no, there was no problems with the current engine, it was just old. Pilots are VERY careful with things, and after a certain number of hours airplanes get whole new motors. So while it sucks that I still haven't flown since the Simsbury trip, when I do get flying again the plane will be faster, smoother and safer than I've ever seen it before - and that's saying something.

Just to add to the safety factor (and the delay in my flying again), Chris actually has to put in 10 hours of flight time on the new engine before he's allowed to teach me in it again, just to make sure everything's good. Extra safe, but not flying in this weather is still dissapointing.

The plan now is to meet with Chris tomorrow for ground work. I need to get my written wrapped up so we can focus on the flying from here out.

Hopefully I'll be up again soon... I'm getting tired of waiting.

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