Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Next Flight

Tomorrow will mark my 3-weeks-since-flying date. The 152 still hasn't been finished yet, so it was stating to look like it would be some time before I got to fly again. Then I remembered the Piper Warrior -- the larger of the two rental planes.

Chris hasn't had me flying that because (1) it's more expensive, about $20/hour more, and flying lessons are expensive enough and (2) I want to learn on the 152, since it's harder to fly -- that way I'm a better pilot by the time I get my license. At the point I'm at, Chris says, learning on the Warrior won't give me much experience towards completing my license on the 152. Because of all that, I've been waiting almost 3 weeks for the 152.

Well, I called Chris a few days ago and said I was tired of waiting. I want to go flying -- even if it's in the Warrior. So my next lesson is Saturday (either 10am or 2pm -- Chris will get back to me on that). Even if it's 1/2 hour of touch-and-go's, I'll be happy. I could use to practice landings, especially since I DO want to learn the Warrior.

It will be like doing my training a bit out of order: instead of finishing up my license on the 152, then learning how to fly the Warrior I'm going to start learning how to fly the Warrior, then finish up my license. Although as soon as the 152's back, I'll be right back to my license and finishing my Warrior training after that.

Now let's just hope Saturday has good weather. About time I get back up there...

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